5 reasons why I like custom shoes

1. I like showing people what I like for example, me having cowboys custom shoes shows people that I like the cowboys.

air-jordan-11-low-cowboys-custom-1 (1)

2. It’s fun making a custom on your shoes because you get to paint it how you want and do anything you want with it like putting a minion on it or a logo you like.

download (2)

3. I like how you can take things from other shoes and add it to the shoe you are making a custom on like this pic-

  maxresdefault (8)

4. I like how you can add new things to it like nice laces or comfortable stuff on it so it could be really good.

maxresdefault (9)

5. I like how you can put things you love like for example, football.





My opinion on the Nike Air max cowboys customs


Today I am going to tell the reasons why I like these shoes or not and my opinion on them. I am also going to tell you why you should buy them if you like the cowboys and the shoes.

I really like these because they are the cowboys customs and the cowboys are my favorite football team. I also like them because blue is my favorite color and I like how the star is behind the Nike logo.

I would buy these for so many reasons like the ones I said before. If your a cowboys fan you should buy these to show people what your favorite football team is. You should also get these because they do look nice.

My opinion on these is that they are nice looking shoes and they are one of the top cowboys customs.



My opinion on curry’s custom shoes


Today I am going to tell all of you my opinion and the reasons why I like these custom curry’s or not. I am also gonna say if they look nice and why do they.

I reasons why I like them is because Steph curry is my favorite basketball player, the Warriors are my favorite basketball team, I like the colors, I like the writing on them, and curry’s are my favorite basketball shoes.

I like how the colors represent the team, the team city name is on the shoes, there is inspirational words on them, how big they put the city name on the shoes, and how the city name is graffiti.

My opinion on these Curry 3’s customs is that I would buy them and they look really nice. I also like them a lot and if they ever sell them you guys should buy them because the words will inspire you to keep going and not give up.









My opinion on the KD longhorns custom


Today I am going to tell you my opinion on these KD customs and the reasons why I like them or not. I am also gonna say if they look nice or not and why the Texas Longhorns custom these shoes.

I really like them because the longhorns are my favorite college football team and basketball team. I also like them because KD was my favorite basketball player in the longhorns and he was the best in the longhorns.

They look nice because the orange and white are good together. I like the mid soles because of the color that matches with the orange and white. The number 5 represents the number KD was which is cool.

The reason why the Texas Longhorns made the customs was because KD was a basketball player there. He was a good player there and KD wanted his shoes to be part of the longhorns. HE wanted them to have them so they could remember him and know who played there.

My opinion on these shoes are they are very nice and it is really cool how KD played with longhorns. They are probably really good basketball shoes and its good how the longhorns wanted the shoes.




My personal favorite shoe supplies

My favorite paint is Angelus paint. The reason why I like it is, the paint is really nice, it makes your shoe look new, the paint gives it the best view on the shoe, and the paint can go on any shoe. The paint is also strong and it does not go off which is good because you don’t have to repaint it all the time.

My favorite shoe cleaning supply’s are from the company Reshoevn8r. The reason why I do is because they make your shoe look nice and brand new. The brush is really good and strong that it makes the shoe look clean. The soup is also really strong that it cleans it really good.

The tape I use is blue tape to cover the spots I don’t want to paint. Don’t ever use duct tape because that will damage your shoes and also don’t us gorilla tape it will do the same. Don’t also use clear tape because that will mess you up and you will accidentally paint wrong spots.

The paint brushes I use is any because it don’t really matter and all of them are the same. So don’t worry that you have the wrong ones because it don’t which ever ones you use. I use a thin one. a big one, and a medium one.




My personal top 5 favorite customs

Number 1 is the Jordan 11 cowboys custom. I like them because the cowboys is my favorite football team, blue is my favorite color, the Jordan 11 is on my top 5 favorite kicks, and i actually used to have a pair of Nike cowboys custom shoes.

air-jordan-11-low-cowboys-custom-1 (1)

Number 2 is the Jordan 6 bulls custom. I like them because the matte color red and black make it look really nice, the icing midsoles make it look nice, the Jordan 6 are also on my top 5 favorite shoes, and red is my second favorite color.


Number 3 is the Jordan 4 full red customs. I like them because the red color on it is nice, the gold tip of the laces, the red also has that shine that makes you want to buy it, and the last reason why I like them is that the Jordan 4’s are my favorite Jordan’s, they are my number 1 top favorite kicks.


Number 4 is the Nike huarache customs, I don’t know the names for these but the guy who customized them did good. The reasons I like them is because the colors are super nice on it, I love Nike, and huarache’s are my favorite Nike kicks.


Number 5 is the Nike air force 1 longhorns custom. The reasons I like them is because Longhorns are my favorite college team, I live in Texas, I love Nike, I like the color orange, and I had like two pairs of Nike air force 1’s.